3 Lucky Contestants Will Compete Live at MAMAX on September 23RD!

The first ever live Saltwater Aquascape Challenge at MAMAX has arrived with help from Taylor's Do It Centers! 3 contestants will be given 100lbs of dryrock donated by Aquarium Rocks of VA, a container of NYOS Reef Cement and 1 hour on the clock to create their most unique aquascape creation possible. MAMAS will supply all the tools they'll need to sculpt, position and adhere their vision in front of you!

Contestants will be judged by a special panel of volunteers and announced near the end of the expo. The winner will walk away with a gift certificate to Taylor's Do It CenterMarine Depot, supplies from NYOS & Aquamaxx, their aquascape and a gift basket of swag from MAMAS and other sponsors!

Over $500 in Prizes!

Congratulations to our contestants:

Craig Evans (NJ)
Julio Gutierrez (VA)

Registration is now closed and we will be announcing the lucky contestants soon!