MAMAX 2015 | The Mid-Atlantic Marine Aquarium Expo

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The Mid-Atlantic Marine Aquarists Society (MAMAS) would like to invite you to the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Marine Aquarium Expo (MAMAX) located in Virginia Beach, VA on October 17, 2015 from 10:00am-3:00pm. MAMAX is a fund raising event for reef related charities. Proceeds are donated to a charity selected by you, the attendees.

In addition, MAMAX is an opportunity for reef aquarists in the mid-atlantic region to come together for a day of saltwater hobby exposure, education, conversation, contests and family fun. With over 20 vendors from across the country, raffles, presentations and contests throughout the day, we have something for everyone.

General admission is just $5 and kids 12 and under are free. Limited quantities of VIP tickets will be available as well! VIP tickets get you into the event a FULL HOUR EARLY at 9am before general admission to meet vendors, cherry pick coral and pick up exclusive deals. You’ll also get a t-shirt, MAMAS stickers, a magnet, a copy of Coral Magazine, copy of Reef Hobbyist magazine and 25 Raffle tickets as well as vendor swag and exclusive deals!!!!! That’s a $75 value for only $35. Remember, a portion of our proceeds will go to an environmental charities that you choose!

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MAMAX will host over a 20 vendors, including large scale, renowned aquarists and divers, equipment and dry goods vendors as well as local marine stores. Booths are $140 and we only have a few left. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, please contact our staff for pricing, details and an application form at

  • A – Aznnutty’s
  • C – Sustainable Aquatics
  • D – Aquariums Unlimited
  • E – Joe Knows Reef’s
  • F – Pacific East Aquaculture
  • G – Jason Fox
  • H – Fraggin Wagon
  • I – Gr8Polyps
  • J – ATB
  • K – Pop Corals
  • L – Seachem
  • M – Animal Adventure
  • N – Legendary Aquatics
  • O – Cobalt
  • P – Simply Pets
  • Q – Supreme Reefs
  • R – Dirk’s Dry Goods
  • S – Reef Deep Aquatics
  • T –


Thank you to all of our current sponsors! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact our staff for details.

Become a sponsor

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 reed  carolina-aquatics
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 proaquatics Seachem


MAMAX will host a huge raffle at 1:30. Our sponsors and vendors are all contributing great prizes including:

  • Apex Jr from Neptune Systems
  • 36″ T5 lighting from Aqueon
  • 24″ T5 lighting from Aqueon
  • Powerheads from Fluval
  • All-in-1 Aquariums from Aqueon
  • Gift Certificates from Dr Foster & Smith
  • Gift Certificates from all coral vendors
  • Fish from Sustainable Aquatics
  • Dry Goods from VAquatics
  • 40g Aquarium from Archetype
  • 40g Custom Stand by Superior Contracting
  • Chemicals from Seachem
  • Phyto from Aqua-Tech
  • Gift Certificates from Premium Aquatics
  • Live Food from Reef Nutrition
  • Brine from Instant Ocean
  • Subscriptions to Coral Magazine
  • Frozen Food from Rod’s
  • Pod from Algae Barn
  • Powerheads from Cobalt
  • Chemicals from Kent
  • Fish from Proaquatix
  • Frag Racks from Zen Reef
  • Chemicals from Boyd
  • Skimmer from Coralife
  • Shirts from ATB
  • Goodies from Red Sea


mike-terry-1 mike-terry-2 

Mike and Terry Lauderdale have been keeping marine aquariums since 1984. Their most recent build included a 300g SPS dominated reef that was home to a large variety of reef safe fish. They are active members in their local reefing community, members of MASNA and moderators at Reef2Reef. Their freelance writing and photographs have been published in several online and print publications including Reef Hobbyist, UltraMarine, Marine Aquarist and Reef2Reef Magazine.


The OSIA of Tidewater is located just south of Lynnhaven Mall at 3097 Magic Hollow Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA, 23456. Attendees coming from just about everywhere will find it easiest to take 264 east and get off at the Lynnhaven Parkway South 19A exit. Magic Hollow will be just under 3 miles away. Take a left at the light. Free parking is available on a first come, first serve basis. Several restaurants are located within a 2 mile radius of the facility for lunch and breaks.


courtyardMAMAS has worked directly with the Courtyard Marriot on 37th Street to get a special rate for out of town guests. Located approximately 15mins from our venue in Lynnhaven, The Courtyard offers ocean front rooms, a pool and is near many great dining and shopping spots. Rooms with both King and Double arrangements will be available for $109 a night ($30 off the regular rate). Click the button below to go to get our room rate or contact the hotel directly at 757-417-6004.

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