Advance your green agenda and achieve your ESG business goals

Purpose-Built Solutions to Support Your Electrification Efforts

Companies have been increasingly focused on environmental, social, and governance due to government mandates and consumer pressure. With Powerfleet, we can help you advance your green agenda and achieve your sustainability goals.

Benefits of Sustainability

Transition to Electric Vehicles

Unity is ready to support your organization’s transition to electric vehicles (EV) with hundreds of EV data elements to optimize fleet planning, battery range, EV safety, and maintenance.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is more than just fuel usage and electrification of your fleet. Unity can ingest, process, and enrich ESG data from your assets, vehicles, people, and business systems so you can take action to reduce your footprint.

Adhere to Government Mandates

Adhere to government regulations with Unity’s ability to ingest, process, and enrich data from any IoT device and third-party business system.

Improve Brand Reputation

Customers increasingly value the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Maintain and expand your customer base by advancing your green agenda.

Our Capabilities

We are a strategic partner with you on your journey to true digital transformation. Real people, helping change agents like you, help the real people at the heart of your business.

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Powerfleet’s Unity platform, advanced modular solutions, and data science can help you save lives, time, and money.