Each year the Mid-Atlantic Marine Aquarists Society donates proceeds to a worthy cause in an effort to help protect, clean and sustain our world’s reefs and marine life. That charity is selected by you, the hobbyists who support our organization and make these donations possible.

ADE is a nonprofit organization registered by Walt Smith that is funded by a portion of the RR2.0 profits and outside donors that enables coral reef conservation projects to be developed. The main focus of the projects that ADE will fund will be capacity building efforts in local community conservation programs. ADE will also assist in developing ways for the future of the projects to become self-sufficient and avoid perpetual dependency on outside funding.

Coral Reef Alliance
Working with people around the world—from fishermen to government leaders, divers to scientists, Californians to Fijians—the Coral Reef Alliance protects our most valuable and threatened ecosystem. They lead holistic conservation programs that improve coral reef health and resilience and are replicated across the globe.

The Coral Restoration Foundation
The Coral Restoration Foundation is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to creating offshore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species. These programs have allowed them to take the lead in new nursery and restoration techniques that are now implemented worldwide.

Ocean Conservancy
Ocean Conservancy educates and empowers citizens to take action on behalf of the ocean.
From the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico to the halls of Congress, Ocean Conservancy brings people together to find solutions for our water planet. Informed by science, our work guides policy and engages people in protecting the ocean and its wildlife for future generations.

Rising Tide Conservation
The mission of Rising Tide Conservation is to protect reefs by developing techniques for rearing marine ornamental fish and promoting commercial production to provide alternatives to reef collection. It is an effort to advance technical ability and disseminate information regarding captive breeding of marine fishes. Many attempts to raise marine tropical fish have resulted in small successes. Rising Tide is an effort to move these advances to more widespread use.

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Stranding Team
The Aquarium’s award-winning Stranding Response Program is led by a group of trained staff and volunteers, our Stranding Team. These dedicated individuals respond to stranded marine mammals and sea turtles along the Virginia coastline and beyond. They work at the Aquarium’s Marine Animal Care Center in Virginia Beach to rescue and rehabilitate live animals, investigate mortalities and collect data from dead specimens, and conduct research on stranded marine animals. Through their passion and commitment, the Stranding Response Team serves as environmental ambassadors, educating the public about these magnificent marine animals and their conservation needs.

The Virginia Living Museum
The Virginia Living Museum is a museum leader in its use of native wildlife to present its message – stimulating knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the living world. Visitors encounter more habitats, wildlife and plant species than would be encountered in a lifetime of outdoor adventures in Virginia. The Museum has expanded its mission into the area of human health, to explore the connections between humans, animals and the environment.