The Mid-Atlantic Marine Aquarists Society is a 501c3 based in Virginia that supports the sustainability of the marine aquarium hobby and our oceans by organizing events across the mid-atlantic region that educate aquarists on aquaculture, alternative resources, and emerging technology. Our goal is to reduce the impact that we have on marine life through education and exposure. By practicing proper husbandry, aquaculture and propagation, we can ensure that future generations will enjoy all the wonders that our reefs have to offer.

Board of Directors

The initial BOD consists of persons that are currently involved in the marine aquarium hobby and its local hobby community.

Benjamin J. Mace: President
Benjamin has been involved with aquariums for over 25 years and specializes in interactive design. Over the last 15 years he has been involved with design, art direction, development, conferences, marketing and management across multiple industries. In addition, he has specialized in building, installing and maintaining multiple private aquariums in the Hampton Roads area for the past 6 years. Benjamin is a published author, an instructor and an avid contributor to the design and aquarium community.

Kim Capistrano: Vice President
Kim brings a passion for philanthropy and dedication to aquatic preservation within our organization. As evident in her innovative event coordination techniques, Kim draws from more than a decade of financial management experience, finely-honed networking skills, and an understanding of the importance of aquatic preservation – both in the reef and in the ocean. She is personally invested in the community as an active member of several local hobbyist clubs, close relationships with local fish stores, participation in Clean The Bay events and Day of Caring, Meals on Wheels, and the Military Network at her place of employment. Kim manages to do all this…. with a smile on her face.

Christopher Singer: Operations
Chris has 14 years of experience working with contractors managing large scale projects and making sure they run efficiently, with a local municipality. He has also been involved the saltwater aquariums and it’s community for 15 years. Chris is heavily involved with many local reefing groups, in an effort to help local stores and educate aquarist through meets and gatherings. He also runs a Hampton Roads based group with over 1,000 members. His passion and dedication to the hobby locally and around the world, continues to grow every day in support for reefs, in homes and natural alike.

Justin Wolpert: Communications & Promotions
Justin, an avid aquarist and “gadget guru,” prides himself on workmanship, quality,and planning. Bringing a decade of experience as a public affairs professional in the U.S. Navy, his specializations in multimedia production, photography,  graphic design and journalism ensure accurate, complete and accessible coverage of MAMAS events. He also takes great pride in educating and lending his experiences to further the enjoyment of the hobby by all.

Joshua Grohler: Business Relations
Josh has over 10 years in sales and business development. His involvement with the aquarium hobby spans more than a decade. He was an avid volunteer during our annual fundraisers each year before joining the board and has been heavily involved with our local reefing community for years. Josh’s excellent people skills and negotiation experience adds to our growth plan with sponsorship and vendors.

Donna Stanek: Treasurer
Donna brings over 30 years of accounting experience to our team. She is an active member of the community through church, lodge, clubs and women’s groups. Her experience with community events, business and accounting give us a great basis for fund raising and balancing the books.